We welcome everyone at Messiah! There are no exceptions.

We all have one thing in common at Messiah and that is: We are children of God! We have lots of differences, and we like it that way!

You might not be sure what you believe, you might be brand new to the Christian faith, you may be a long-time Christian, or you might be anywhere in between…no matter where you’re at, we welcome you to our church and believe that there is nothing that disqualifies you from this church or from God’s love. We welcome you just as you are.

We pray that at Messiah, you will develop and grow in authentic relationship with others and with God. We pray that Messiah is a place you can experience God’s grace, healing, love, and renewal. We pray that you will begin or continue to discover and explore what it means to be a Christian, a child of God. We pray that this is a place where you will realize your gifts and use them as God leads you. Please join us, we look forward to meeting you!

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