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Sunday Worship Service, November 29, 2020
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Music with Mr. Drew

For the written text of The Theology of Pandemic click here.


  1. Well done. Thank you for doing.
    I found God’s community of comfort afterwards.
    Dan Garcia

    1. I brag on Messiah technological skills to my sister and my riends. Thank you for the the definition and history lesson about how people from Africa was thought to have a better immune system. Now I must research Rev. Allen and that time period. All of you are so good at helping us deal with this serious and scary period. My belief in God the father and Jesus his son is very important to me at this time. I do believe they are our only hope. Thanks to all three of you and please take care of yourselves.

  2. I sure appreciate all the high tech people behind the scenes that make it possible for our Pastors to bring us distance ministry such as this and our You Tube clips. Oh , yeah, I appreciate the sermons too.
    = ]
    Love Ya'll to pieces
    Glad to see you back Pia!! Now ya'll go home!
    Big Hugs, (the safest kind – email hugs!)

  3. Reggie,

    Your sermon on “The Theology of Pandemic “ was most informative and inspirational. Knowing we may not be able to attend church for awhile, receiving your sermon on-line is most satisfying in hearing your message. It helps in many ways for me to continue my faith journey in Christ.

  4. Thank you Reggie for allowing God to use you as His messenger. Praying forGods blessing upon you, your family, and the church God has entrusted to your care.
    Your message of love and hope in Jesus Christ, even in the midst of chaos, was deeply appreciated.
    With deepest love and Respect

  5. Thanks for all y’all do.
    May God Bless, in Jesus name

  6. Thank you Reggie, Lauren, and Pia for the leadership you provide and especially for the calming presence the video and the words and prayers provide. The thing we will miss the most is the familiar coming together to worship and to share with each other. Already I miss my “peeps”.

  7. I am always awed and inspired by our pastors, staff, and congregation. Now more then ever. Thank you for bringing “church’ out of our building during this pandemic.

    Praying for all,
    Virtual Hugs,

  8. A very meaningful and inspiring service this morning. Thank you for sharing the message of Jesus Christ and the importance of Palm Sunday in our lives during this time when we are all facing challenges and uncertainty with COVID-19.

  9. Blessings and Peace to our church family at Messiah!

  10. Reggie and all the staff,
    You have worked so hard and brilliantly to provide services at home for us. I cannot thank you enough. The music and the videos and the messages have lifted my spirits. Your
    dedication has kept me connected to my Messiah family.
    Please do take care of yourselves.
    With appreciation and love,

  11. I would like to receive your weekly e:mails. I am not on your list at this point. Thank you very much.

    1. Author

      Thank you Darla, I will add you to the list.

  12. Messiah is and will always be special to Verle and I. The Sermons and the music has been outstanding and we are so blessed th have such Caring Pastors. Reggie, Pia and Lauren May Good continue to bless you and our Congregation. Blessings and Love. Eleanor and Verle Hammond

  13. Oh Reggie Tuck- your May 17 sermon was so powerful it shook me to the core.. thank you for helping to “woke” a lot of us up!!

  14. Pastor Pia
    Wonderful sermon on Sunday.
    I’ve never thought of the gifts of the spirit that way before.
    Many Thanks

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